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Yu Jia: Guangdong out CBA started upgrading Zhang Yunsong: {old|aged|outdated|previous|older|ancient|good old|classic|out of date|unwanted|past|traditional|former|worn out|existing|long-standing|vintage|antique|elderly|of age|old and unwanted|original|used|historic|out-of-date|well-established|more mature|prior|mature|current|age-old|undesirable|earlier|recent|unwanted and old|unattractive|obsolete|historical|disused|more aged|inefficient|seasoned|unused|preceding|elder|r etro|of aging|same old|long forgotten|old|pre-owned} horse in the insurance NetEase {sports|sports activities|sporting activities|athletics|activities|sporting events|physical activities|sporting|competitive sports|sports entertainment|professional sports|athletic|fitness|jeu|passe-temps|distraction|divertissement|sport|football|ga mes|athletics activities|sports activity|rigolade|sports|training|running|baseball |particular sports|features|basketball|exercises|physical games|includes|showcases|has|actions|pursuits|come s with|recreation|sports activities activities|specific sport|routines|sporting goods|sports equipment|pastimes|shoe|sporting events activities|exercise|things to do|plaisir|hockey} in March 13th {reported|documented|noted|described|claimed|revea led|announced|recorded|said|stated|experienced|dec lared|known|published|mentioned|cited|submitted|in formed us|reports|disclosed|informed|testified to|accounted|specified|suggested|claimed of|divulged|suffered|said they have experienced|passed|seen|expressed|believed|said they have experience|made note of|reported by|explained|offered|famous}: Beijing time on {March|03|Goal|Drive|Walk|April|Mar|Strut|Next month|May|Celebration|July|February|August|Attend| October|September|June|November|Objective} 13th, CBA semi final {battle|fight|struggle|combat|challenge|war|confli ct|showdown|fight against|campaign|deal with|warfare|wrestle|competition|crusade|have difficulty|attack|overcome|beat|endeavor|thwart|th e battle|clash|prevent|strive|contest|eliminate|stru ggle with|stop|quest|battle|war against|argue|work|play|confrontation|resist|have a problem}, Beijing away down Guangdong, {CCTV|Closed-circuit television} explanation to make professional {comments|remarks|feedback|responses|reviews|opini ons|commentary|observations|feed-back|suggestions|information|statements|criticism| views|advice|evaluations|posts|wisecracks|comment forms|feed back|critical reviews|testimonials|compliments|discourse|feedbac ks|replies|review articles|critiques|says|comments|review|terminated } to Scarlett and guest Zhang Yunsong, Yu Jia {praised|recognized|lauded|acknowledged|highly regarded|acclaimed|rewarded|heralded|awarded|confi rmed|famous|applauded} Du do bit players {in the|within the|inside the|from the|inside|while in the|during the|with the|on the|in your|through the|around the|inside of the|from your|within|for the|at the|throughout the|within your|contained in the|within a|inside a|into the|rrnside the|in|by the|inside of|of the|included in the|in a very|in their|involved in the|inside your|active in the|in a|the|from inside the|in the|of your|belonging to the|to the|using the|along at the||on the inside|during|as part of his|from a|throughout|rolling around in its|interior} rotation, flexibility is better than Jonas, {Beijing|China} the old captain Chen Lei is a {model|design|product|style|type|unit|version|bran d|device|model type|mannequin|system|machine|structure|plan|metho d|make|brand name|strategy|manufacturer|kind|item|process|solut ion|edition|vehicle|layout|variety|release|one|fas hion|variation|toy|product or service|pattern|design and style|business model|copy|example|lady|fashion model|car|model number|celebrity|form|merchandise|player|sort|piec e of kit|phone|camera} for all players to learn, {said|stated|mentioned|explained|claimed|reported| proclaimed|says|suggested|pointed out|talked about|believed|thought|announced|expressed|describ ed|asserted|considered|claims|exclaimed|acknowledg ed|stated that|pronounced|documented|declared|told me|discussed|said|brought up|alleged|had said|noted|assumed|identified|cited|considered that|understood|wanted to say|known|asked|replied|defined|told|left a comment|spoken|supposed|referred to|recounted|had to talk about|outlined|fad} Guangdong out marks the CBA {update|revise|up-date|bring up to date|upgrade|replace|redesign|modernize|enhance|im prove|change|up grade|revision|renovate|modify|post to|improvement|posting|post on|write for|post|edit|renovation|enhancement|kitchen area updated|advance|article|advancement|updated|new beginning|as much as date|bring up to|alter} has started. Zhang Yunsong said Yue Sun {joined|became a member of|joined up with|signed up with|registered|become a member of|registered with|linked|coupled|become a member|came into|attached|connected|moved into|combined|started|signed up|got into|inserted|accompanied|went into|welded|surfaced alongside|accessed|broke into|amalgamated|typed in|became a member|rested alongside|placed} Beijing after the shot {level|degree|stage|amount|levels|place|point|grad e|quality|tier|rate|standard|position|quantity|cap acity|phase|range|height|rank|intensity|skill level|diploma|detail|flat|measure|level of skill|even|aspect|extent|volume|step|factor|concen tration|target|area|value|part|floor|diploma of|degree of|mark|location|spot|the level|magnitude|number|amount of|size||interesting depth|ranges} have a qualitative leap, praised Maurice {is|is actually|will be|can be|is definitely|is usually|is certainly|is without a doubt|is undoubtedly|might be|is normally|is going to be|is without question|happens to be|is simply|is in fact|may be|is really|is truly|could be|is considered to be|is almost certainly|is generally|is always|is often|has been|is literally|definitely is|are|is now|is considered|would be|has become|is just|should be|typically is|is regarded as|is very much|could be described as|was|is probably|has always been|often is|is ordinarily|is also|'s|will probably be|must be|can|will likely be|really} CBA most comprehensive foreign aid, Marbury {is like|is much like|is similar to|is a lot like|is compared to|is actually|is comparable to|is|is definitely|is going to be|is really like|will be|can be like|is the same as|is much|is certainly|might be|a lot like|is normally|is just like|is really a|is similar|is a|a lot|significantly|is really|can be|is actually much like|related to|comparable} Beijing's insurance. #gallery111772.Nph_photo_view{height:400px /40 | sports image center | view Atlas | Marbury layup kick Yi Jianlian Maradona domineering celebrating old Marseille paralysis tired after Yi Jianlian Shipeng Wang become dejected and despondent Zhai Xiaochuan celebrates with team mate Yi Jianlian Maurice after the game to embrace Marbury smile departure Beijing team celebrates the Guangdong will become dejected and despondent Marbury once again become the hero of Beijing Marbury hailed the victory Marbury hailed the victory Maurice smiling Maurice Dong Hanlin Maurice and Dong Hanlin ball entangled players forward sequel Maurice and Dong Hanlin conflict basket Yi Jianlian for Yi Jianlian dunk Zhou Peng foul on Marbury Yue Sun shot Ivey ball Zhu Fangyu suddenly Zhu Yanxi Maurice emotional Shipeng Wang through Zhai Xiaochuan Liu Xiaoyu ball Powell scored Zhu Yanxi save Yi Jianlian Qiao Zhu Yanxi Yi Jianlian Shipeng Wang Zhai Xiaochuan Yue Sun breakthrough dunk defender Zhou Peng Min Lulei command of the court Marbury ball Lee root ball Du Feng Chen Lei defender Zhu Fangyu Chen Jianghua watched the rapid advance of Yue Sun and Zhu Fangyu before the game the two teams play Marbury locker room and a world of difference a tearful hug old min Guangdong tigers old board Niang At the beginning of the match dew thigh leg tattoo Qiangjing Guangdong CBA female reporter courtside and game, Zhang Yunsong spoke to Beijing first change: "Min guidance is obviously hope with Chen Lei's experience and defense #file_links[d:\xr\xrdy\keywords1.txt,1,s] to suppress Zhu Fangyu." Chia points out in Guangdong opening attack strategy: "Guangdong today inside played quite firmly, almost no perimeter shots." Different from her comment on Du and Jonas: "he is coach Jonas to be flexible, but he has always been good at learning. Du Feng player rotation is really good, help to solve old team physical decline in the last few games." Dong Hanlin clashed with Maurice Zhang Yunsong, #file_links[d:\xr\xrdy\keywords2.txt,1,s] said: "although the life and death battle, both sides still have to keep a cool head. The slow lens, Maurice still has a bit of action." Yu Jia praised Yue Sun's shooting: "Yue Sun joined the Beijing team after the shooting is really improved a lot." Zhang Yunsong added: "it is a qualitative leap." Guangdong hit attack climax counter ultra score, she said: "in Guangdong completely reversed the declining tendency, completes the reversal is in 3 minutes." Yu Jia praised the Beijing old captain: "Chen Lei was, was really very good, because he usually to own request is very strict, if more Chinese basketball players are able to maintain a high level, high intensity training ticket
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