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Default nike free.html-[ Rpm ] Zhou said - 09-28-2013, 10:52 PM

1: phone, playing time is not connected, do not resort to the second; text messages, the two did not return, would not have made the third time. Not so humble waiting, if you are important, will sooner or later come back to. No need for people who do not cherish your bitchy, if a person begins to neglect you, please leave. Maintain a confident, keep a dignity, rather proud of the mold, nor death tied to the insane.
2: Love can be simple. But not casually.
3: stand the temptation of a good man, a good woman loneliness.
? world is not beautiful angel, only a good woman.
? no two people can not be together, not only by the rope of two hearts.
? Greed is the real poverty and meet the most real wealth.
[Remember] young we must understand:
? you're not brave, strong and no one for you.
? no umbrella child must try to run!
? way of their choice, but also to have it completed knees.
? to live up to expectations do not get angry, do not see through to break, not to envy to enjoy, do not delay must be active, not heart to action.
? been tripping rather run up numerous times, do not want to neatly away for life. Should fall even heroic smile.
woman blossoming, people like to spend will go to pick flowers, yet people would love to spend watering. The biggest mistake people often make is too polite to strangers, but people are too harsh for intimacy, put this bad habit over, peace and harmony.
? when you have nothing to lose and then when the time is where you start to get.
? learning to add, proud to be reduced, the opportunity to take, in addition to laziness.
? 1% of people are eating a small loss which accounted for a great deal, 99% of people Zhanxiaopianyi suffer a great deal.
? a prerequisite for success is that he has the ability to change themselves,nike free.html.
? real wealth is a way of thinking, rather than the monthly income figure.
people, most can not be forgotten, is when you pull you a difficult person; most can not make, and when you fail in your contempt; most can not believe, that flatter you in your success people; most can not abandon, is with you through thick and thin entrepreneurial people; most can not love, is the personality of the person you do not value. Never forget not abandon not despise our parents, they will always love us!
thanks once deceived me, because he grew up my wisdom; thank people who have hurt me,oakley sunglasses, because he honed my aspirations; thanks once abandoned me, because he strengthened my self; thanks once rebuked me, because he pointed out my shortcomings; thanks once tripped me, because he strengthens my legs; thank all the friends and enemies of all!
"life can not miss the ten elegant":
? willing to unconditionally behind you.
? willing to nag you.
? and you are willing to share my man.
? teach and promote you.
? willing to appreciate your strengths person.
? would like to be your example of people.
? people who are willing to comply with commitments.
? willing to give up and do not believe you.
? willing mad at you man.
? willing to do anything for you man.
? ?gave his four sentences
? when you can rely on when no one, even if no matter how tough, tired, and then pain, have told myself not to give up, to be strong.
? even the whole world to know you, at least he still understand themselves.
? fantasy never be a reality, we must always remind myself to stay awake, calm.
? reality is cruel, but we have to hold on, we must strive.
[act] Ten Common Mistakes
? lonely when thinking of your friends.
? want only learn to give love.
? have **** when hard work.
? fail to remember when others advice.
? sick sense when fragile life.
? separation regret not cherish feelings.
? when someone appreciates your trust themselves.
? others pointed out that they knew that they were wrong.
? wealthy was ready to help the poor.
? dying only to find love life.
Life is not if, and only the consequences and results. The past will not come back, come back no longer perfect even. Life retreat, lose what can not lose mood. The greatest happiness of life is, convinced that someone loves me. For]]>

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