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Default mbt outlet-[ Rpm ] molested her husband when his wife learned a hint - 09-30-2013, 05:16 PM

wife: a pro!
Husband: Boo! !
wife: and then the pro one!
Husband: Boo! ~
wife: also Well!
husband: ...... hooligans!
sleep at night, with her husband grab his arm ~, not from her husband hilarious!
wife anxious to cropped one: old monk, you from the ****ai it! husband laugh mercy. Then his wife succeeded.
One day, my wife get up early, give her husband left a 200 dollars on the table (my wife is home to the Chancellor of the Exchequer). After work, reckoned her husband had to get up, to send text messages to him: her husband, the table is for you last night service charge.
husband back: only 200 full-service ah? Gan Minger to find a rich woman.
Husband: Trinidad and Tobago people by car today, but in a crowded car to see the beauty of the!
wife: .... anger!
Husband: She was kind enough to hit on me too!
wife: She told you what to say `` (jealous)
Husband: Get away from me!
husband will learn boredom SMS harassment: chick, give me a smile uncle!
wife back: Keguan your self-respect, a small woman prostitute entertainer!
wife business trip: Chenqie can not come tonight, Shi Qin, please His Majesty to rest early, revitalized turn again tomorrow
Chenqie brand. Husband: I have three thousand concubines, not too worried about the matter Aifei must also durability lonely
Wife: It seems that non-kill back tonight **** can not!
Husband: joking joking, I harem brand, though many, are all written in a person's name!
toilet boredom, and her husband shouting way of communicating with: boy, got the right stuff to sing a master!
Husband: silent in the. . .
wife: how? Masters afraid I can not afford silver?
Husband: not yet carrying on credit before it!
about to take things
wife: this bag you carry it.
Husband: I took four bags, and you get nothing, the nerve it?
Wife: I holding How about you! 100 kilos you do, I get something better than what you get heavier.
About Walking
wife: Let's take a walk to the piece of road it.
Husband: too far to get there, now that do not go back.
wife: all right, you carry me back.
About to buy clothes
wife: this dress look good?
Husband: nice.
wife: you turn me, want me to hurry to buy finished go home!
wife: that clothes look good?
husband: does not look good.
wife: you will not want to buy me!
about chores
Husband: Let's divide the job of the housework.
Wife: Good. First of all, men do it too dirty work, such as grazing, brush the toilet, wipe the table ......
husband: this right.
Wife: You studied engineering in school, I was learning the arts, live with your kid things, like washing machines, refrigerators, rice cookers, electric irons ......
husband: this ...... OK!
wife: men outside, ***** inside. And dealing with outsiders you do it live, buy food, pay utility bills, take the newspaper milk ......
Husband: OK, OK, then what are you doing?
Wife: Do not worry ah. So much smoke in the kitchen, you can destroy the skin, cooking with your kid.
Husband: You tell me you do it.
wife: I have a lot to dry Yeah. I can stay with you, monitoring you, praise you, comfort you ......
About Children
wife: we want a child.
Husband: OK.
Wife: Do you like our children?
Husband: Yes.
Wife: No! You have a person like me!
Husband: Well, well, it is a person like you.
Wife: That my child how can you not like ah!
Husband: Let ...... or do you want a baby.
about the truth
Wife: You see the girl more beautiful.
Husband: What is it nice.
Wife: What do you mean! Why do not you and I be consistent!
Husband: Attractive Attractive.
Husband: hey, you do not go, ah, how to ignore me?
about eating
wife: I eat the plum in half, very good to eat, you eat the rest.
Husband: I do not like plum.
Wife: No, you love to eat! You are not eaten anything against me!
Husband: This fish is very good to eat to.
Wife: You dirty chopsticks touched, who eat!
husband: I eat you eat half, I do not hold anything against you, how do you hold anything against me?
wife: That's right. I despise you explain me better than you clean. I am better than you clean, how can you hold anything against me? !
about to get up
Husband: get up, get up, you do not want to get up early today to meet Well said.
wife: Do not talk, I go to sleep.
Husband: fast from it, to should not be late.
Wife: You do not touch me! I want to sleep! !
Wife: Yeah! Du]]>

????? !
??:?! ~
????,??????: ??,???????!???????????????
??,????,?????200???????(??????????)????, ????????,??????: ??,????????????
???:?????200??? ?????????
????????:????????,mbt outlet,??????????,??????
??????,Christian ********* chaussure???
???????????????????????????????????? ?????????
???????????,Christian *********????
?????? ]]>
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