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Reload this Page Recover Data for Samsung Galaxy Phones with Broken Touch Screen
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KittlesShawn KittlesShawn is offline
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Arrow Recover Data for Samsung Galaxy Phones with Broken Touch Screen - 08-02-2016, 08:38 AM

When your phone screen is broken or *******, you may lose your precious data on it. Dr.Fone for Android can detect your Samsung Phone automatically even the screen touch can’t be used. With the help of this program, you can effortlessly retrieve the photos, music, videos, contacts, whatsapp messages and more from your broken Samsung Phones to computer.

Works with Samsung Android Devices like:
Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 & S4 mini, Galaxy S5;
Samsung Galaxy Note II, Note 3, Note 4, Note Edge, Note 5.
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banhtrungthu68 banhtrungthu68 is offline
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Default 08-02-2016, 01:38 PM

_ยง_______________________________________________ _ยง_ ยงยง______________________________________________ __ยงยง ยงยง______________________________________________ __ยงยง _ยงยง_____________________________________________ ยงยง__ ___ยงยงยง_______________________________________ยง ยงยง____ _____ยงยงยงยง_______________ยงยงยงยงยงยง__________ ___ยงยงยงยง_____ ______ยงยงยงยงยงยงยง_________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง_ _______ยงยงยงยงยงยง______ _________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยง_____ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง ___ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง________ ___________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงย งยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง___________ _______________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงย งยงยงยงยงยงยงยง____________ ________________ยงยงยงยงยงยง222222222ยงยงยงยงยงยง_ ______________ ________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง ยงยงยงยง_______________ ________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง ยงยงยงยง_______________ _______________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงย งยงยงยงยงยง______________ _______________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงย งยงยงยงยงยง______________ _______________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงย งยงยงยงยงยงยง_____________ ______________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง ยงยงยงยงยงยงยง_____________ ______________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง____________ ______________ยงยงยงยง__ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง ___ยงยง______________ ____________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง____ _______________ ____________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง____ _______________ ____________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง______ ______________ _____________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง_______ _____________ _____________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง_______ _____________ ______________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง__________ ___________ ______________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง____________ __________ _______________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยง_____________ _________ _______________________ยงยงยงยงยงยง_______________ ________ _______________________ยงยงยงยงยงยง_______________ ________ ______________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง____________ __________ ______________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง____________ __________ _____________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง_________ ____________ ____________________ยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยงยง________ _____________ ___________________ยงยงยงยงยงยง_ยงยงยงยงยงยง______ ______________ ___________________ยงยงยงยง_____ยงยงยงยง__________ __________ __________________ยงยงยงยงยงยง___ยงยงยงยงยงยง_____ ______________
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anna1lee anna1lee is offline
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Default 11-10-2016, 12:24 AM

It doesn't matter if you have turned on the debugging mode on your Samsung Galaxy phone, you can try Gihosoft Android data recovery program to get back your data. However, if you didn't turn it on beforehand, you should use DAB to open it.

Last edited by anna1lee : 11-11-2016 at 01:16 AM.
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